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Love's Young Dream Collection

A new, exclusive and romantic bespoke bridal collection from Kasia Austin.

'Making each dress a personal statement with ideas and inspiration taken from the heart of the bride is the very essence of Kasia's intuitive designs.'

Talented designer Kasia Austin is delighted to announce the launch of Love's Young Dream, her exclusive collection of entrancing bespoke bridal wear and accessories.

Known for her exquisitely embroidered gossamer dresses and camisoles, Kasia draws inspiration from the ethereal and vibrant colours of the countryside around her West Sussex home. The epitome of a perfect English summer's day, Kasia's romantic bridal collection, with its whispers of fairy stories, and woodland and countryside weddings, is, she says, redolent of love. ' It goes back to the days of romantic weddings in historical novels, dresses that can be worn barefoot in the meadow or with many different styles of shoes, in beautiful rural churches or in towns. This collection speaks of true romance.'

Kasia colourwashes and embroiders natural fabrics - luxurious satins, smooth silks, floaty chiffon and exquisite French lace - to create her fairytale style. Each piece, as unique as the bride it adorns, effortlessly flatters the body.

'The fabrics I use, the chiffons and silk, move with the bride,'Kasia explains. 'This new collection is different, more fitted, yet still floaty and flexible, the fabric moving like waves in the wind, ensuring that the bride looks beautiful for herself and her guests - and especially for her husband to be.' Making each dress a personal statement with ideas and inspiration taken from the heart of the bride is the very essence of Kasia's intuitive designs. We discuss which flowers will be used to decorate the dress,' she continues. 'If she, or even her grandmother, loves a certain flower, we can incorporate that, using beautiful silk to decorate the fabric. The style of these flowers and their placement make a truly one-off dress that is intensely personal to each bride.'

Kasia likens embroidery to painting a picture. 'I paint using a needle and thread. This is what makes these dresses special, the result the blossoming of a conversation with the bride, bringing all her wishes into the finished design.'

The collection is based on five sample dresses - Rosaline, Arrabella, Dream, Blush and Ophelia - each of which is adapted for the individual bride. ' Dream, for instance, has quite a low neck,' says Kasia, ' but the neckline can be changed, or the back, and the colours. Garlands, shawls, all accessories are unique. No dress is ever going to have the same fabric, colour and decoration.' There is also a range of bridesmaid and flower-girl dresses - Abigail - that is similarly bespoke.

Kasia (pronounced 'Kasha') was born in a village near Warsaw where tradition decrees that each baby must choose from a selection of objects to determine its future.
Kasia reached out and touched the scissors and was soon making clothes for herself and school friends, adding her own creative spin to designs she loved in magazines.

After moving to England, she was spotted by embroidery designer Cathryn Avison - whose film credits include Harry Potter and Disney's Cinderella - making and embroidering dresses and cashmere for the Avison fashion label before launching her own.

' This isn't just buying a dress, adds Kasia. 'I put my heart into every single gown. Each takes many, many hours of detailed work. This is my art. I want women to feel exceptionally special on their wedding day, confident that no one will ever be wearing the same gown.'

Kasia lives near Petworth, West Sussex, with her husband, daughter, Labrador, ginger cat and trusty sewing machine.

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